509HD Heavy Duty Cardboard & Plastic Baler

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509HD Heavy Duty Cardboard & Plastic Baler

The Model 509HD “Heavy Duty” Baler is the perfect solution for dealing with large volumes of cardboard and/or plastic, particularly when space is a premium. Despite its small footprint, the 509HD can produce a bale of up to 400 kg.

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👉 Handles large volumes safely and efficiently.

👉 Bale plastic, cardboard and bulky material.

👉 Dual cylinders applying constant pressure.

👉 Extra-wide pressing chamber.

👉 Automated bale-out mechanism.

👉 Ergonomic and easy to clean.

Waste Volume 


Door Open 

H x W x D (mm): 470 x 1250 x 800

Bale Size 

Plastic: < 400 kg

Card Board: < 300 kg



Distribution Centres


Large Retailers

Food handlers

Food Producers


Product Overview ⇩

The Model 509HD (Heavy Duty) has a wide door opening making it perfect for loading large cardboard boxes and other materials. It also has two powerful cylinders applying constant pressure resulting in dense and heavy bales.

The Mil-tek 509HD is used in companies and locations where there is a need for handling a larger amount of waste without taking up much floor space.

The 509HD industrial baler is ideal for loading whole cardboard boxes, eliminating the need for flat packing and regular trips to outside bins/skips. The cardboard bales fit perfectly onto a standard pallet, making them easy to store and transport.

The Mil-tek 509HD can be situated close to where waste is generated, and its safety and operational features make the 509HD an ergonomic, easy, clean and safe machine to use.

The Mil-tek 509HD is powered by compressed air, either directly from an existing air line or from a compressor supplied by Mil-tek. This means that the Mil-tek 509HD is free of both electrical and hydraulic components, minimizing the risk of fire and completely eliminating the risk of oil contamination.

An automated bale-out function makes it fast, safe and easy to empty the baler.