Can and Oil Filters

Can and Oil Filter Crushing

Smart Waste Solutions’ superb can and oil filter, and drum compactors will help you reduce your waste costs and save space and time. With both pneumatic and hydraulic options available, we’re confident customers will find our can and drum compactors create tremendous cost savings for their business.

Smart Waste Solutions Can Crusher. Model CP30


With our high-quality and reliable can crushers, your business can easily reduce its metal can volumes. Smart Waste Solutions Australia can and drum crushers will…

  • Save money, space and time
  • Reduce bin numbers and lifts
  • Stop unsightly overflowing bins
  • Assist in Creating a circular economy
  • Improve your carbon footprint
  • Protect you from landfill tax rises
can and oil filter

If your business is putting all its waste cans into bins then you probably find these bins fill up in very little time and are costly to have emptied. You may also find your cans enter the general waste stream, which sends them to a landfill. This is unnecessary and not an environmentally friendly way of can waste disposal. Thankfully, our can compactors will put an end to this.

By reducing bin quantities, space is saved on site. Smart Waste Solutoin s Can crushers have a small footprint, which allows them to be placed in a convenient location, close to the waste source. With the can press placed close to the source of where waste cans are produced, Labour time is reduced removing several trips to the bin each day.

On top of labor savings, the added benefits of less waste heading to landfill, a much tidier waste area, and fewer bin collections from high carbon emitting waste trucks, your green credentials will rise considerably.

Customers find our can compactors are ideal for:


  • Car garages
  • Fast food outlets
  • Food producers
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Paint and spray painting businesses

Other Options

2101 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

Our pneumatic 101 can press will crush any can, tin, drum or bucket up to 30 litres. Its powerful ram and robustness means it will reduce volumes by up to 90%, turning whole cans into a compacted piece of metal. The 101’s drain plug will flow away any excess residue from the crushed cans. With no electrical parts, the 101 is simple to clean and maintain. Reduce your expensive bin numbers and collections with the SWSA 2101 Cardboard & Plastic Baler.


V5HD Can and Bottle Baler


SWSA V5HD Can and Bottle Baler can press will again crush any can, tin, drum or bucket up to 30 litres. With an 8 tonnes pressing force, the 30HDXL will reduce volumes by up to 10:1. The wide legs on this can press means a bin can fit underneath perfectly. With a slot at the back of the machine, crushed cans are pushed through, straight into the bin for easy disposal. A liquid filter ensures all residue is sent down a pipe into a container, keeping the 30HDXL free of mess. Reduce your expensive bin numbers and collections with the QCR 30HDXL can crusher.



can and oil filter
can and oil filter
can and oil filter