General Waste Compactors

General Waste Compactors

Balers are used to bale recyclable material but there are other waste types, which cannot be recycled and therefore they must be placed in a bin. General waste compactors are everywhere and any business will produce some form of this waste type.

The problem is when there becomes too much general waste and it starts to fill up bins quickly. This can lead to overflowing and regular, expensive bin collections.

We offer a bin press and a bag compactor, both of which can help to control general waste. . With oue of our XPress machines can ensure your money isn’t going to waste. The bag compactor will press down general and food waste inside a metal drum, which is covered in a bin bag. When full, the bag can be tied and placed in a bin, this machine reduces volumes by 10:1.

No customer wants to see overflowing bins as they are unsightly. Less voluminous waste will also result in fewer bin collections and often there is an opportunity to remove some general waste bins from the premises – this will save on waste costs.

A general waste compactor has environmental benefits alongside commercial benefits. Fewer collections from the waste management company mean fewer visits from the CO2 spewing truck which collects the waste. This will result in fewer emissions into the atmosphere.