102 Cardboard and Plastic Baler

Ideal baler for businesses that have limited space, the 102 baler has a similar footprint to a filling cabinet. The baler is a perfect solution for companies that produce small volumes of cardboard or plastic waste.

Use one baler to bale both waste streams…

Store plastic packaging in a Smart Waste plastic bag stand Model 125L then load full bags into baler once cardboard bale has been made.

Cardboard baler :
The 102 baler is ideal for small cardboard boxes which can be placed directly into the baler. Avoid wasting time flat packing or taking waste outside to bins/skips.

Plastic baler :
Plastic bags from the Smart Waste Bag Stand Model 125L can be placed directly into the 102 baler producing dense plastic bales for easy storage and transport.

Refurbished Range

Cardboard & Plastic Baler
waste management company
before Cardboard & Plastic Baler waste management company after

Recommended For  ➤

Blue-Tick-min  Retailers

Blue-Tick-min  Convenience Stores

Blue-Tick-min  Petrol Stations

Blue-Tick-min  Food Producers

Blue-Tick-min  Manufacturers

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1. Bale weight: Plastic: <60kg; Cardboard: <40kg

2. Bale size: 520mm H x 650mm W x 450mm D

3. Door Opening: 405mm H x 650mm W x 415mm D

4. Dimensions: 2260mm H x 745mm W x 540mm D

5. Weight:200kg

6. Pressing Cycle Time (sec.): 10-20

7. Degree of Compression: 85-90%

8. Pressure: 2250kg at 8 bar

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