2205 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

Featuring a footprint of just over 3 square feet, the Smart Waste model 2205 baler is a small size, compact vertical baler that surprisingly large amount of cardboard or plastic trash. 

Despite its small size, the Smart Waste 2205 can create bales of up to 260 lb (plastic) and 130 lb (cardboard). This makes the 2205 ideal for smaller locations where efficient trash handling is an integral part of the operation. 

As it is a pneumatic (compressed air) powered machine, 2205 can be installed directly into a kitchen, or in a food production or a food preparation area.

Pneumatic Range

cardboard and plastic recycling
2205 2205 cardboard and plastic recycling

Recommended For  ➤

Blue-Tick-min  Retailers

Blue-Tick-min  Convenience stores

Blue-Tick-min  Fast Food Stores

Blue-Tick-min  Food Producers

Blue-Tick-min  Manufacturers

Blue-Tick-min  Hotels

Blue-Tick-min  Restaurants


1. Bale weight: Plastic: <120kg; Cardboard: <60kg

2. Bale size: 960mm H x 650mm W x 450mm D (variable).

3. Door Opening: 475mm H x 650mm W x 415mm D (variable).

4. Machine Size: 2260mm H x 775mm W x 540mm D (variable).

5. Weight: 255kg

6. Noise Level: < 70 dB (A)

7. Pressing Cycle Time (sec.): 7-15

8. Degree of Compression: 85-90%

9. Pressure: 2250kg at 8 bar

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