EPS2000 Large Polystyrene Compactor

Smart Waste is an internationally leading supplier of waste & recycling balers and compactors for businesses. 

Over our 29 years in business, we have maintained a 100% safety record across all our machines. Our balers and compactors can be relied on for all your business waste and cardboard recycling requirements.

Our expertly designed, energy-efficient balers and compactors can save your business time, space and money, and minimize your carbon footprint.

Pneumatic Range

EPS2000-min EPS
cardboard balers

Recommended For  ➤

Blue-Tick-min  Recyclers

Blue-Tick-min  Food Handlers

Blue-Tick-min  Food Processors

Blue-Tick-min  Distribution Centres

Blue-Tick-min  Electronics Manufacturers


1. Capacity: Plastic: <70kg/hour

2. Block Dimension: 270mm H x 270mm W

3. Door Opening: 510mm H x 860mm W x 960mm D

4. Machine Size: 2400mm H x 4010mm W x 1165mm D

5. Weight: 965 kg

6. Volumn Reduction: 40:1

7. Material: EPS6 (Expanded Polystyrere)

8. Density: <300 g/liter (<300 kg/meter cube)

9. AMP: 16A

10. Power: 3 phase – 400 V

11. Motor: 2 x 3 kW

Volumn Reduction of 40:1

Blocks of up to 300 kg per meter cube

Compants up to 70kg/per hour

Improved logistics and space savings

Generate revenue while reducing costs

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