H501 Mill Size Hydraulic Waste Baler 

The Smart Waste H501 is one of the most effective hydraulic balers on the market making bales of up to 450kg that fit perfectly on a standard pallet. The baler is designed to make extremely dense, recycle-ready bales of either cardboard or plastic that can be then sent directly to mills for final recycling. The extra-long piston stroke and large door-opening allows for the loading of large volumes of material including whole cardboard boxes, PET plastic, or packaging foam.  Bales from the Smart Waste H501 can be tied using either regular 19mm banding or steel wire.

Pneumatic Range

h501 after
H501-min h501 after H501

Recommended For  ➤

Blue-Tick-min  Recyclers

Blue-Tick-min  Warehouses

Blue-Tick-min  Distribution centres

Blue-Tick-min  Logistic providers



1. Bale weight: 350 – 450 kg; PET: <250 kg

2. Bale size: 800mm H x 1200mm W x 800mm D.

3. Door Opening: 670mm H x 1200mm W x 780mm D.

4. Machine Size: 3100mm H x 1600mm W x 1300mm D.

5. Weight: 2050kg

6. Noise Level: < 70 dB (A)

7. Pressing Cycle Time (sec.): 10-20

8. Degree of Compression: 85-90%

9. Pressure: <50 tons

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