XP200 Waste Compactor

The Smart Waste XP 200 compactor is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide variety of locations including kitchens, food preparation sites, hospitals, offices, and general work areas.

By compacting your general trash in an XP 200 waste compactor, you optimize your waste area, creating more space, less mess, better hygiene, and solve the problem of garbage bags. You also reduce the number of dumpsters and collections by 80%, reducing the cost and improving the internal logistics and productivity of your organization.

The Model XP200 Waste Compactor is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is designed to handle a variety of waste types, including cardboard, plastic, and food waste. Investing in this efficient solution not only benefits your organization but also contributes to a sustainable future. Learn more about the Model XP200 Waste Compactor.


Pneumatic Range

XP200 Stainless-min
XP200 new-min
XP200 Stainless-min XP200 new-min Xp200 XP200-1-

Recommended For  ➤

Blue-Tick-min  Fast food outlets

Blue-Tick-min  Restaurants

Blue-Tick-min  Kitchens

Blue-Tick-min  Offshore facilities

Blue-Tick-min  Offshore/Shipping

Blue-Tick-min  Ships

Blue-Tick-min  Schools

Blue-Tick-min  Retirement villages

Blue-Tick-min  Hazardous waste management



1. Weight of full bag: <60 kg

2. Bag dimensions: 600mm H x 570mm Ø.

3. Machine Size: 1825mm H x 830mm W x 800mm D (variable).

4.  Weight: 135 kg

5. Noice Level: <70dB (A)

6. Degree of Compression: <90%

7. Pressure: 1500 kg at 5 bar 

10:1 compaction

Improves security and safety

Low on noise, low on energy

Air-powered, clean and hygienic

Compact general and hazardous waste

Suitable for kitchens & offshore environment

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