Plastic Baler

What is a Plastic Baler?

Cardboard and plastic balers are machines that are used by businesses to easily and simply reduce waste volumes by taking the air out of waste products.

Simply place plastic in the machine, and compress. The plastic is then flattened in the machine to create a tight, compact bale which increases the plastic recycling efficiency.

This process allows business to efficiently handle their waste and significantly lower their waste costs while saving them space and labor. Smart Waste Solutions Balers come in many different sizes and can be either hydraulic or pneumatic.

Balers can handle both cardboard and plastic, as well as any soft dry waste.

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What are the advantages of a plastic baler?

There are many advantages of turning loose plastic into bales.

By baling plastic waste, the need for plastic bins is removed. Bins are voluminous and take up valuable storage or parking space. Not only do you have to pay for the bins, but you pay to have them collected (Not to mention costs are always increasing!) The design of plastic bins does not allow for maximum efficiency as they become full quickly. Plastic often rises, which takes up a lot of space for not much volume.

Most Balers have a footprint smaller than a single 1100-liter bin. Plastic balers can also handle cardboard boxes and can be located close to the source of the waste due to their size – this saves time on flat-packing and walks to the bin. Baled material is also far easier to transport than loose waste.

cardboard balers
cardboard balers

Why should we use a plastic baler?

Baling plastic is a simple, easy and effective way of removing your plastic recycling nightmares. Smart Waste Solutions Plastic Balers can save your company Labour, Money, and Space as well as increase your recycling volumes and improve your green credentials.

When your plastic bin is emptied, it is full of air. Why waste money on bins full of air, when you can create a compact bale of plastic!

Smart Waste Solutions currently offer free collections of baled cardboard and plastic*

cardboard balers
cardboard balers
cardboard balers

Save on Labour, Money, and Space!

With a Smart Waste Solutions baler, there is no need to spend time flattening boxes or scrunching up plastic! Simply place the cardboard or plastic straight into the baler and let it do the flattening for you!

The volume of plastic you go through will determine what sized baler you need.

Our smallest balers have the same footprint as a filing cabinet so they can easily fit into small gaps, and our larger balers are a similar size to a pallet. Our Balers can be placed close to the waste source to save labor carrying waste out to bins, create a cleaner workplace and improve Occupational Health and Safety.

We can conduct a FREE site survey and make recommendations specific to your organization.

Small and medium-sized plastic balers

Smart Waste Solution’s small and medium-sized balers for recycling plastic take up less space than one 1000-litre bin and eliminate the need to break up boxes or scrunch up plastic.

These balers fit neatly into storerooms, courtyards, or stockrooms and can be conveniently located close to the source of the waste, saving your organization labor, money, and space!

cardboard balers
cardboard balers
cardboard balers

Large and mill-sized plastic balers

Smart Waste Solution’s large and mill-sized balers are designed to make the most of your plastic recycling by converting large amounts of plastic waste into a recyclable bale!

These balers offer an exceptionally high-quality baling experience for high-volume users looking to turn their waste into transportable and containerized bales.

cardboard balers
cardboard balers
cardboard balers

Rent or Purchase plastic balers

Smart Waste Solutions has an extensive range of plastic balers available to purchase or rent. Our balers are suitable for all businesses and workplaces.

Renting a baler provides the best value for money, and includes servicing and maintenance of your Smart Waste Baler.  Alternatively, you can purchase new and refurbished Smart Waste Balers at competitive prices. Smart Waste Solutions is happy to match any like-for-like quote for both rentals and purchases.

cardboard balers
cardboard balers

The Smart Waste Solutions Difference

CHOICE: We have a wide range of stock available to suit any business requirements, from small vertical balers to large horizontal balers.

SIMPLICITY: It couldn’t be easier than with Smart Waste. We make it easy for you to start recycling efficiently and save money.

SAVINGS: If you are spending more than $50 a week on cardboard collections, we can help reduce this figure while making recycling easier for you and your staff.

RELIABILITY: We supply the best quality balers along with our second-to non-customer service.

SUPPORT: We use our own team of experienced and reliable service engineers, and can offer same/ next day services in most instances.

REASSURANCE: When you rent or purchase a Smart Waste Baler we provide extensive training to your staff, as well as any required risk or safety assessments.

RECYCLE: We will organize your recycling collection at your preferred frequency and can provide quarterly reports showing your recycling data.

Contact us to speak with our cardboard/plastic recycling experts today!

We look forward to reducing your waste costs

We look forward to reducing your waste costs