EPS Polystyrene Compactor Machines

EPS Polystyrene recycling is easy with QCR’s range of polystyrene compactors. Compacting at a minimum ratio of 40:1 and up to 90:1 these polystyrene recycling machines are easy to use and maintain. We have a number of options depending on the amount or EPS (Styrofoam) you have. Take advantage of our free site survey and we’ll be able to tell you the perfect polystyrene recycling machine for you and offer advice on recycling the blocks.

Compacted EPS carries a high recyclable value, £400 per tonne. We can help you gain the best rates through our network of recyclers. Our polystyrene compactors are ideal for the fishing industry, electrical retailers, manufactures and recyclers.

We also have solutions for XPS, PSP, EPP, EPE, PSP and PUR.