Tyre Recycling Baling Machines

Tyre recycling just got easier, quicker and more efficient with the QCR tyre baler machine. This baler has a throughout of 4-6 PAS 108 standard bales per hour (approximately 500 tyres). Average bale weights are between 800-1200Kgs, baling 80 to 110 car and light commercial tyres into a solid brick. The bale is then bound with 5 high tensile quick latch wires for quick processing and long life. The bales permit double stacking and as a result of this recycling plants are experiencing savings in both space and efficient handling of finished bales. This equates to around 80% savings in floor space and increased pay loads for transport by 40%.

SWSA Tyre Baler

  • PAS 108 standard bales

  • Throughput 4-6 bales per hour

  • 400+ tyres per hour

  • 4-5 cycles per bale

  • 15kW power pack with self-compensating pump

  • 55 seconds full cycle time

  • Bale full light

  • Large oil reservoir for continuous use

  • Recyclers choice of baler

Lease and refurbished options available

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