V50 Mill-Size Baler

Ideal for high-volume users looking to turn waste material into revenue, the V50 is a true 50-tonne press that creates the optimal size bale for transport and revenue return. Its powerful integrated kicking mechanism helps eject the finished bale directly onto a pallet, minimizing risk to the user. The V50 is easy to use and uncompromising in its performance, efficiently compacting cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene, and aluminum waste day in and day out.
Note: V50 shown with an optional automatic opening guillotine door.

Hydraulic Range

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  Logistics Companies



  Recycling Centers

  High Volume businessesPlants

  Mine Sites


1. Bale size: 1000mm H (variable) x 1200mm W x 800mm D.

2. Bale weight: 350–550 kg.

3. Cycle time: 45 seconds.

4. Compaction force: up to 50 tonnes.

5. Dimensions: 3055mm H x 1985mm W x 1130mm D.

6. Fill opening: 1200mm W x 640mm H.

7. Machine weight: 1870 kg.

8. Power: 3 Phase 380/400 volt. 7.5 kW motor.

9. Noise level: 74 dB.

10. EN 16,500 Compliant.

11. IP54 Standards.

12. PLC controller with automatic cycle. 

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