VF50 Agriculture Waste Baler

Speciality Range

VF50 Agriculture Waste Baler

The mobile, tractor-mounted version of our unstoppable mill-size baler, the VF50 offers a reliable, economical solution to baling agricultural waste, which is now categorised as industrial waste. Available with a 5-tonne, 8-tonne or 16-tonne press, the VF50 operates on a single acting spool from a tractor or forklift and will bale all farm waste, plastic containers, cardboard and even tyres year after year.


Agriculture Contractors

Farming Co-ops

Machinery Rings

Group of Farmers

Individual Farmers

Building Contractors

Market Gardners

Features ⇩

Easily mount to tractor or forklift for mobile operation.

Unique combination of floating and fixed retention fingers helps optimise baling.

Operates on a single acting spool from tractor or forklift.

Ideal bale size for euro pallets with easily adjustable bale height.

Includes road lights for safe transport and operation.

Simplified low-voltage user controls, integrated power bale kicker, easy-tie system and heavy duty door clamp for easy and safe operation.

Specifications ⇩

1. Bale size: 1000mm H (variable) x 1200mm W x 800mm D.

2. Bale weight: 350–600 kg.

3. Cycle time: 50 seconds (variable).

4. Compaction force: up to 50 tonnes.

5. Dimensions: 3055mm H x 1980mm W x 1340mm D.

8. Fill opening: 1200mm W x 640mm H.

9. Power: Single acting oil supply from tractor.

10. Machine weight: 1930 kg.

11. Noise level: 76 dB.

Options ⇩

5-Tonne, 8-Tonne or 16-Tonne Press Available

Tow Bar For Trailer

Electric Over Hydraulic Power Pack

Diesel Drive System

Mounting Brackets For Forklift

110 V Power Supply

Solar Powered

Galvanised or Stainless Steel