V85 Tyre Baler

Specially designed for high outputs and maximum compaction, the V85 tyre baler which is used as a waste tyres baler can produce 4–6 PAS180 bales per hour, which means processing 400–500 standard car or light commercial tyres per hour. The V85 helps reduce storage requirements by up to 80% and transport up to 60% while compacting bales for use in construction, landfill and even fuel projects in many countries worldwide.


Speciality Range

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Recommended For  ➤

  Tyre Recyclers

  Waste Management Companies

  Car Dismantlers

  Tyre Depot



1. Bale size: 1400mm H (variable) x 1550mm W x 800mm D.

2. Bale weight: 800–1200 kg.

3. Tyres bales per hr: 4 to 6 bales.

4. 80 to 140 tyres per bale.

5. Cycle time: 55 seconds.

6. Compaction force: up to 85 tonnes.

7. Dimensions: 4875mm H x 3315mm W (including power pack) x 1190mm D.

8. Rear bale discharge.

9. Power: 3 phase 380/440 volt. 15 kW motor.

10. Fill Opening: 1,960mm x 1,100mm.

11. Dual pressure select.

12. 25mm high carbon steel press plate & retention fingers.

13.Machine weight: 5500 kg.

14. Noise level: 76 dB.

15. EN16500 compliant.

16. IP54 Standards 

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