CP205 Drum Crusher

Drum Crusher machines are an essential tool for businesses that produce a lot of waste. They offer numerous benefits, including space and cost savings, as well as environmental sustainability.

When choosing a Drum Crusher, it is essential to consider factors such as type, capacity, and maintenance requirements.

Drum Crushers are machines designed to crush waste drums and reduce them to manageable sizes. They are an essential tool in the industrial waste management process, allowing businesses to save on storage space and transportation costs. Drum Crushers can reduce the size of waste drums by up to 90%. This means that businesses can save on storage space, allowing them to utilize the freed-up space for other purposes.

Drum crushers work by crushing drums and barrels into smaller pieces. The process involves loading the drum into the crusher, crushing the drum, and discharging the crushed drum.

At Smartwaste Solutions with advanced engineering and an impressive 30-tonne pressing force help the CP205 drum crusher crush 205-liter drums to a fraction of their original size.

Recommended for the Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industries.


Speciality Range

CP205 slider-min
Cp205 slider 1-min
drum crusher
CP205 slider-min Cp205 slider 1-min drum crusher

Recommended For  ➤

  Manufacturing Industries

  Pharmaceuticals Industries



1. Reduction: 8:1.

2. Cycle time: 45 seconds.

3. Compaction force: up to 30 tonnes.

4. Dimensions: 2560mm H x 1130mm W x 860mm D.

5. Power: 380-420V 3 Phase 7.5 kW motor

6. Integrated drum piercer

7. Very Large Air filters

8. Machine weight: 815 kg.

9. Noise level: 76 dB.

10. EN 16,500 Compliant.

11. IP54 Standards.

12. PLC controller with automatic cycle.

13. Commercial Transport Businesess

14. Approx 12.5% of original size

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