CP205 Drum Crusher

Advanced engineering and an impressive 30-tonne pressing force help the CP205 crush 205-liter drums to a fraction of their original size.

Speciality Range

CP205 slider-min
Cp205 slider 1-min
drum crusher
CP205 slider-min Cp205 slider 1-min drum crusher

Recommended For  ➤

  Manufacturing Industries

  Pharmaceuticals Industries



1. Reduction: 8:1.

2. Cycle time: 45 seconds.

3. Compaction force: up to 30 tonnes.

4. Dimensions: 2560mm H x 1130mm W x 860mm D.

5. Power: 380-420V 3 Phase 7.5 kW motor

6. Integrated drum piercer

7. Very Large Air filters

8. Machine weight: 815 kg.

9. Noise level: 76 dB.

10. EN 16,500 Compliant.

11. IP54 Standards.

12. PLC controller with automatic cycle.

13. Commercial Transport Businesess

14. Approx 12.5% of original size

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