Glass Crushers

Glass recycling bins are expensive and unfortunately, too much glass is still put into general waste bins which then go on to landfill. The answer is to fit more glass into one small bin with an easy and efficient solution which is glass crushers from SWSA.



We offer 2 types of glass crusher machines for sale both providing enormous benefits and the best one for you will depend on your glass output.




 SWSA Glass Crushers


Our glass recycling crushers for sale and rent are ideal for bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, holiday parks, and sports clubs. They reduce glass volume by 5:1 and costs by 60%.



The QCR GC01 glass crusher is a machine specifically designed to fit under the bar counter and crushes 90 bottles into one easy-to-carry tray. A GC140 glass crusher processes 680 bottles per 140-liter wheelie bin which is contained within the unit’s small footprint. A GC90 glass crusher is the lower-height version of the GC140 glass crusher and crushes 90 bottles into one easy-to-carry tray.




SWSA Glass Imploders


Our glass imploder transforms bottles into safe sharp-free glass in one single operation. The imploder reduces glass volume 6:1 and the processed glass has many uses including road or path surfacing and roofing.

The imploder is ideal for high-volume users such as shopping centers, hotels, and large restaurants.




Benefits Of Glass Crushers


  • Glass crusher machines reduce the volume of waste glass, making it easier and more cost-effective to transport and dispose of. This results in significant cost savings for businesses that generate large amounts of glass waste.


  • Using glass crushers helps to protect the environment by reducing the amount of glass waste that ends up in landfills.


  • Glass crusher machines provide a safe and efficient way to dispose of glass waste, reducing the risk of injury or contamination from broken glass.


  • Glass crushers are versatile machines that can handle a variety of glass waste materials, including bottles, jars, and other glass containers.


  • By investing in a glass crusher, businesses can not only save money on waste disposal costs but also potentially generate revenue by selling crushed glass to recycling facilities.


glass crushers

QCR provide fully maintain rental options on both imploders and glass crushers. For your free site survey or for advice on your glass recycling please call us and we’ll be happy to help you save money on your glass recycling.

glass crushers
glass crushers
glass crushers